Annamari Ylonen joined EDU in January 2016 as a Senior Research Associate. She is currently researching the area of Widening Partipation in higher education. Prior to this Annamari was part of the HEFCE funded research and development project ‘Piloting Measures of Learning Gain at the University of East Anglia’ working together with colleagues across different faculties at the UEA.

Before taking up her role at the UEA, Annamari was the lead evaluation officer of a large-scale Lesson Study mathematics project at the London Borough of Camden. She has previously worked as Research Associate at the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge, where she also was a visiting researcher, and as a Research Fellow at the Universities of Exeter and Greenwich.

Annamari has been involved in Lesson Study evaluation and research in the UK and abroad since 2009. Her research interests, and areas of publication, include social justice as applied to education policy and practice, inclusion, market-oriented education reforms in Finland and globally, Lesson Study and teacher professional development.  

Academic Background



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