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Launch of the University of Sanctuary lecture series

Earlier this year, UEA was awarded ‘University of Sanctuary’ status by The City of Sanctuary, an organisation which promotes action to support refugees and asylum seekers. One of only a few universities in the UK and Ireland to receive the accolade to date, UEA was recognised for its ability to offer sanctuary seekers a culture of inclusivity, respect and sanctuary through a broad range of schemes and activities.

As part of our University of Sanctuary commitment, a new lecture series is being launched this year to bring together people from across UEA and Norfolk to engage with debates in this area. Our first lecture will be given in the area of education, so will be of particular interest to EDU staff and students. Professor Madeleine Arnot from the University of Cambridge will be presenting on ‘Empowering the newly arrived child within mainstream schools: the challenges of diversity, communication and social morality’, on Monday November 12th, 1 – 2 pm in Lecture Theatre 3.

Madeleine Arnot is Emeritus Professor of Sociology of Education, Cambridge University and Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences. In 2004, she established the Research Consortium on the Education for Asylum-Seeker and Refugee Children; in 2013 she co-founded the Cambridge Migration Research Network and in 2018 a new cross-disciplinary Centre for the Study of Global Human Movement.  She has recently co-authored two Bell Foundation research reports on educating newly-arrived (English as Additional language) children and is currently employed as a consultant on the Norwegian University of Science and Technology project (Language, Integration, Media: A Majority-Inclusive Approach to Migration (LIM)) and on a UNICEF funded global curriculum project for children in refugee camps. 

Publications include:

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