How can you help MU-MAP?

If you are involved in teaching, you are almost certainly involved in assessment. We want to provide a survey of practice across the country. We start with no pre- conceived ideas: “new” need not mean “better” and there is always likely to be a very big part played by the traditional closed book examination. However, even in these traditional exams, there is a wide range of approaches. How do you write exam questions? Have you tried out projects? What balance do you have between exams and coursework?

Tell us about what you and your institution currently do, how you would prefer to assess in an ideal world, and what barriers there might be to trying to assess in the ways you want.

We will be contacting heads of departments and directors of teaching in each institution, as well as many individual staff, in 2011-2012. However, do feel free to contact us if you think you are doing something we can include in our survey of current practice.