How can MU-MAP help you?

The project can provide small grants for an assessment mini-project. These are designed to help you evaluate the implementation of a new form of assessment, whether that is a different style of examination question, the introduction of coursework into a new module, supporting the development of new projects etc.

In addition, the MU-MAP project will be able to provide support for evaluating the implementation of your new form of assessment, either with advice or visits from a research assistant who can collect data or help you design instruments to research the effectiveness of the new methods. We will be putting out a call for mini-projects in November 2011.

The projects will form case studies available on the MU-MAP website and chapters in the MU-MAP book, which will also detail the outcomes of the comprehensive survey of assessment practices and examples of different practices around the country. It will serve as a complete guide to the state of the art of assessment in undergraduate mathematics in the UK.