The MU-MAP project has four main strands:

Comprehensive Review of the Literature
What existing work is there on assessment practices? What does the undergraduate mathematics specialist literature say? What general literature on assessment is applicable to undergraduate mathematics?

Surveying Existing Practice
Who is doing what? Do people use traditional examinations in an unusual way? What kinds of projects, presentations or group work are used? Do different mathematical topics lend themselves to different forms of assessment?

Identifying Good Practice
What works and what doesn't? What kinds of assessment help us identify the best mathematical thinkers? Can we determine the most effective forms of assessment? Can assessment practice be made more efficient?

Investigating the Costs and Effects of Change.
What needs to be done to implement a new type of assessment? What institutional barriers are there to change? What are the monetary and time costs to new assessment methods? How do we compare new and traditional methods?

The Project will have the following main outputs:

The MU-MAP website at this URL:
A searchable databases of literature and electronic versions of all other outputs.

The MU-MAP Book:
containing different forms of assessment practice, with exemplars and discussions of change processes.

Professional articles and Research articles