Completed EdD Theses since 2013 Completed EdD Theses since 2013

Author Title Date
K. Pak Experiences of International Students in a UK Medical School: Cultural, Professional and Academic Transitions. 2019
R. Kirk A Plumber Who Teaches or Teacher of Plumbing? 2019
J. M Hibberd A critical analysis of practice education in health and social care:Intergrating disabilities studies, the capability approach and the International Classification of Functioning Disability and Health.  2017
T. A. E. Coleman An investigation into Digital Technology and a consideration of whether it can enhance learning; one school's application of digital teaching. 2017
R. Thornhill "Be in our shoes!": An exploration of the need for a Student-Centred Ethos within Maltese Higher Vocational Education. 2016
M. A Bunting Medical Education & Problem-Based Learning: Collaboration, Contradiction and Conflict 2016
B. Finger-Berry Death of a school friend – how young people cope and what helps. 2015
B. M. O’Brien An exploration of student perspectives of quality teaching at multi-level education environments. 2015
A. M. L. Warsop “Why has she stopped reading?” The case for supporting reading for pleasure in Secondary schools. 2014
A. M. Cooke A qualitative inquiry into the construction of modern foreign language teachers’ beliefs and pedagogical content knowledge. 2014
I. Kanellos Secondary students’ proof schemes during the first encounters with formal mathematical reasoning, appreciation, fluency and readiness. 2014
K. Walker University students’ perceptions of neurology and experiences of learning neurological physiotherapy. 2013
D.P.H. Higgin Writing Across the Curriculum: An Examination of the Legacy of the Bullock Report. 2013

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Titles of Completed EdD Theses pre-2013 Titles of Completed EdD Theses pre-2013

Author Title Date
R.C. Webster Capturing what is of Value to Children: A Study Exploring the Challenges, Advantages and Issues of Participatory Research with 5 and 6 year olds 2012
P.P Okurut Facilitating Conceptual Change Through Classroom Intervention in the Ugandan Educational and Cultural Context. 2012
N. Taylor Fear, performance and power: A study of simulation learning in paramedic education. 2012
L. C. Beaumont PE Teachers’ and Pupils’ Perceptions of the Delivery of Health-Related Exercise in Physical Education. 2012
N. Gee An ethnographic case study of a residential field study centre. 2011
C. N. Meade Catching the learning: A case study of a youth and community project. 2011
J. Longman Could Do Better: The Journey to Improve a Small Primary School… 2011
K. L. Tether An investigation into the perceived effectiveness of primary teachers: Skilled performance, purposeful communication, culturally responsive, utilising reflection and democratic leadership. 2010
C. A. Kitcatt Dancing Barefoot: An Exploration of Women's Experience of the Spiritual Accompaniment/Direction Relationship. 2010
C. Rylands How Young Men Negotiate Schooling: The Role of Significant Events, Masculinities and Influence of Home. 2010
S. M. Peacock Initial Police Training in England and Wales 1945 - 2009. 2010
A. J. Armstrong The National Occupational Standards and the Assessment of Student Police Officers. 2010
F. M. Denny Under the Flamboyant Tree: an exploration of learning. 2010
S. J. Barnes What does it mean to be a lecturer at a new university? An ethnographic study of organizational change in a university business school. 2010
K. J. Kok An exploration of some of the more intangible aspects of a school facing challenging circumstances. 2009
P. A. Adams An investigation into the development of student voice at a small rural high school. 2008
C. E. Hainsworth Coping with special needs and disability in the British Forces community in Germany: An exploration of context and parents’ experiences. 2008
J. Watson Creative thinking through art: A study of how more able pupils respond to paintings. 2008
C. Horne A journey through change: Developing knowledge to inform a return to nursing curriculum through action research. 2007
S. Redwood Ethics in Qualitative Research or The Terrible Process of Undecidability. 2007
M. J. Francis-Wright Living with dyslexia: A phenomenological study of in-service part-time undergraduate occupational therapy students’ experiences. 2007
G. O. Mcnulty The revengers’ tragedy: a poststructual autoethnographic tale of professional, personal and family crisis. 2007
J. C. Wilson Vital – yet of no account? A narrative study of supply teaching. 2007
J. F. Moore An exploration of lecturer as facilitator within the context of problem-based learning. 2006
A. A. Ross An insider ethnographic study of a primary care trust’s experience of aiming to become a learning organisation. 2006
J. L. Debney Engineered Careers? A study of women engineers in the offshore oil and gas industry. 2006
P. B. McClung Linking voice and form: the use of the “Impertinent Predicate” as perspective for leaving or staying as a special education classroom teacher. 2006
P. A. Lamb The ritual of excuse notes in physical education and their influence on pupil participation. 2006
J. A. Wheeler The use of the internet by teachers of post – 16 Physics. A case study of a Physics department. 2006
A. M. Peters-Wotherspoon An exploration of young pupils’ attitudes towards science: the influence of the laboratory, cultural stereotypes, the home, interaction with the teacher, the demands of the subject and internal/external pressures related to performance. 2005
A. M. Killett Children and young people’s experiences of child and adolescent mental health services, A participatory approach. 2005
J. G. Hardie Developing boys’ attitudes towards writing in the foundation stage. 2005
A. S. Fowler Life in the classroom – A pupil perspective: an illuminative explanatory study. Effective teaching and learning environments and classroom behaviour. 2005
C. Drane Literacy in the secondary classroom: a study of teacher and student perceptions. 2005
V. K. Fulcher Nurse teachers - hidden perspectives. A narrative discovery. 2005
Jane L. Cross Participant narratives on the impact of a pulmonary rehabilitation programme. 2005
P. G. Harding Theorising a career - loss and transformation 2005
J. Steward Using the fictionalised biographies of secondary boys designated with “EBD” to facilitate their better education and care in certain institutional settings. 2005
A Knight “All the fun of the fair” Do ICT learning centres in ‘Innovative Locations’ help to widen participation. 2004
J. J. Leeder Becoming a chameleon, considering the impact of change on a group of advisory teachers. 2004
R. J. C. Harkness Psychotherapy and Christianity an Autoethnographical Exploration 2004
K. Savage The marketisation of education and its effects on teacher performance. 2004
G. D. Lawday "Problems in practice" "Learning from experience in Management Consulting" 2003
R. H. Knee 'Democratic space': A study in critical pedagogy. 2003
S. R. Letman Engaging with each other: how between teacher interactions inform practice. 2003
J. M. Day Expertise as seen through the professional journeys of four specialist therapeutic radiographers. 2003
M. J. Field Getting the learning right. The development of a new educational strategy for the wildlife trusts. 2003
D. J. Doyle Insider Research into Microsoft's anytime anywhere learning: primary school children empowered in a constructivist classroom. 2003
N. J. Spalding Preoperative education: maximising the learning potential. 2003
V. E. Dagley Pupils' perceptions of target setting in a secondary school. A multiple case study. 2003
G. D'Cruz The implemented curriculum in nurse education - a case study. 2003
J. M. Jackson The lived experience of part-time in-service physiotherapy students in their final year. 2003
J. M. Nind The practitioner as a person: A subjective migrant on a return journey. 2003
A. E. Williamson Transition: undergraduate employability and the role of an insight course. 2003
P. Funnell Views from the screenface: exploring the value of on-line learning. 2003
J. G. Hardman What makes the staff tick? (A study of the culture within which staff at East Saxon worked: 1998 - 2001) 2003
K. Nunkoosing Constructing Fatherhood: A 'Bricolage' about the Experiences of Fathers of Disabled Sons and Daughters. 2002
S. E. Hardy Hearing voices: an exploration of modern madness. 2002
J. E. Perks Special or Mainstream school: The parents' dilemma. 2002
R. Rogers Capturing moments. An investigation into how best to uncover teachers knowledge. 2001
T. Carroll Educating the critical mind in art. 2001
J. Edem-Hotah The experiences of patients with tuberculosis and adherence to treatment: an exploratory study in Lambeth, South London. 2001
S. P. Goymer The legacy of home-schooling: Case studies of late adolescents in transition. 2001
D. Harris Taking the mountain to Muhammad: an investigation into the reason for problems in teaching music to Pakistani girls. 2000