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Corazzini, Luca "Contribution to locally enjoyed public good, herding behaviour and common fate effect: 3 essays in collective decision making"
Tsutsui, Kei "The (S,s) inventories in a general equilibrium model"
Yamada, Tomoki "Models for comparative institutional analysis"


Bacon, Philomena "Tenure choice, mortgage choice and lender behaviour in the housing market of England and Wales"
Isoni, Andrea "The willingness-to-accept/ willingness-to-pay disparity in repeated auctions: price sensitivity, 'bad-deal' aversion and shaping effects"
Janbunjong, Pichit (MPhil) "Estimation of tax evasion and the effectiveness of tax collection for Thailand"
Kyle, Jianling "Economic and econometric analysis of the demand effect of water metering"
Tran, Tuan Anh (MPhil) "Poverty in Vietnam"
Wang, Wen "A study of the contemporary labour market in China"


Alberti, Federica "Fashion and coordination games"
Aldrich, Matthew "Returns to education and skills in the UK for the 1970 cohort"
Aliyu, Mohammed "Microeconometric analysis of the residential location decision: the case of Kano, Nigeria"
Ball, Catherine "Local markets: competition and market structure"
De, Oindrila "The internal structures and organisation of EC prosecuted cartels and the impact on their performance"
Gardner, Kerry "Residential water demand modelling and behavioural economics"
Muhalip, Sotimin "A study of tax evasion and the shadow economy of Malasia"
Olczak, Matthew "Firm numbers, asymmetries and competition"
Pitassi, Cristina "Turbulence in industrial populations: The case of the Italian graphic paper industry"
Samsudin, Shamzaeffa "Understanding the determinants of healthcare demand in the united Kingdom: a microeconometric analysis"
Sitzia, Stefania "Essays in projects complexity, shaping effects and experimental methodology"
Teng, Chen-Yuan (Joshua) "Happiness and economic policies"
Watson, James "Inflation target credibility and the term structure of interest rates"


Majumdar, Adrian "An economic analysis of three live issues in competition policy: waterbed effects, benign fidelity rebates and harmful vertical mergers"
Rojo Arjona, David "Salience in strategic choices"


Tabacco, Giovanni A. "Market structure and competition: An empirical analysis of the U.S. airline industry"