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Chang-Ju Chiang

Fields of Research: Industrial Organization, Applied Econometrics, Competition Policy

Job Market Paper: Government Regulated Transparency and Price Leadership in Retail Gasoline

References: Prof. Bruce LyonsProf. Peter MoffattProf. Stephen Davies

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Anwesha Mukherjee

Fields of Research: Contests, Conflicts, Identity Economics, Experimental Economics, Affirmative Action, Organizational Behaviour

Job Market Paper: Decomposing Motivation in Group Conflicts: An Experiment 

References: Dr. Subhasish M. ChowdhuryProf. Theodore TurocyProf. Dan KovenockDr. Fabio Arico

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Mengjie Wang

Fields of Research: Behavioural and Experimental Economics, Behavioural Game Theory

Job Market Paper: Take it or leave it: experimental evidence on the effect of time-limited offers on consumer behaviour

References: Prof. Robert SugdenProf. Daniel Zizzo

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