Our staff specialise in a number of key areas Our staff specialise in a number of key areas

This is a list of potential supervisors, along with the research topics they would be happy to supervise PhD students in. 

Dr Alasdair Brown 
Financial economics (particularly behavioural finance and market microstructure), and applied econometrics.

Dr Christa Brunnschweiler
I am interested in topics involving mainly applied work in economic growth and development, particularly in resource economics, conflict studies, trade, and political economy. I am happy to advise theses that use macro- or microeconometric approaches, and that combine theory with empirical applications. 

Dr Subhasish Modak Chowdhury 
I pursue research on Applied Microeconomics. In specific, my areas of interest cover theoretical and applied investigation of problems in Industrial Organization, Experimental / Behavioural Economics, Public Economics, and Political Economy. Currently I am working in and interested to supervise PhD students in the areas of contests, conflict and conflict resolution, various issues in industrial organization including cartels, and the behavioural issues relating to social preferences.

Dr Joel Clovis
Joel offers:  Topics in Banking and Banking Regulation; Financial Sector Development; Applied Econometrics; and Macroeconomic Modelling

Professor Steve Davies
Industrial organisation, competition economics, tacit collusion, non-linear pricing in oligopoly, multinational firms, mergers, merger simulation and merger remedies, evaluating competition policy, buyer power in the retail food sector, the determinants of industrial structure and concentration, the Single European Market, diffusion of technology.

Dr Peter Dawson
My general area of interest is in applied microeconomics, with particular interests in education, labour economics and, most notably, the economics of sport and leisure.  Work I have conducted in this latter area include: demand for professional team sports, decision-making of referees, club and managerial performance, and the impact of major sporting events including legacy effects.

Dr Corrado Di Maria
I am interested in supervising students on (almost any) topics in environmental and natural resource economics and policy. I have research experience on environmental policy in dynamic models, the evaluation of market-based policy instruments, the interaction of environmental policy and natural resource use, the economics of energy generation, endogenous technological change and technology diffusion, as well as in the link between skills availability, brain drain and economics growth. I am particularly keen to discuss projects that entail both theoretical and empirical aspects.

Professor Enrique Fatas
Behavioural Analysis of Institutions (Economics of Conflict, Natural Identities and Ethnic and Linguistic Discrimination, Behavioural Determinants of Terrorism, Tax Compliance), Organisations (Coordination Games, Sanctions and Rewards, Compensation Schemes, Hierarchies and Social Networks), and Markets (Bounded Rationality and Price Competition, Price Guarantees, Consumers Boycotts).

Mr Jack Fosten
Econometrics, time series econometrics, macroeconometrics, forecasting, big data.

Dr Liliana Harding
Labour migration, economic development in Central and Eastern Europe, economics of arts and culture.

Dr Antony Jackson
Algorithmic trading, portfolio construction, economic value of financial forecasts.

Dr Aikaterini Karadimitropoulou
Research interests are on the areas of Macroeconomics, International Macroeconomics, Applied Macro-econometrics and Economic Growth. She is currently working on the synchronisation of international business cycles at the disaggregate level and the factors responsible for this co-movement.

Dr Emiliya Lazarova
Matching and coalition formation models are used to study diverse economic situations such as the matching of workers to firms and students to colleges, the allocation of houses, the formation of governments as well of international environmental agreements. I am interested in supervising PhD students in the areas of matching theory and coalition formation, especially as refers to issues in the context of status seeking, social integration, and conflict.  I am happy to discuss both theoretical and empirical projects in these areas.

Professor Bruce Lyons
Economic analysis of competition policy; in particular on how the delegated objectives and organization of a competition authority affect remedies, outcomes and economic efficiency.

Professor Peter Moffatt
Experimetrics; Econometric modelling of data from economic experiments; Modelling of risk attitude; Discrete choice models; Financial Econometrics, including option pricing models.

Dr Georgios Papadopoulos
Micro-econometric applications in the fields of labour, population and health economics.  Particularly interested in investigating econometric issues arising in count data and limited dependent variable models.

Dr Arnold Polanski
My research interests are mainly in socio-economic networks, game theory, financial economics and financial risk/interdependence.

Dr Anders Poulsen
I have research interests within experimental and behavioural economics, and game theory. Some of my research is about behaviour in bargaining and coordination situations, and about situations involving competition and punishment. In my research I have also investigated reciprocity and social preferences in various economic settings, and gender differences in economic behaviour. I work with several colleagues on these and related ideas. 

Dr Odile Poulsen
I am happy to supervise students who are interested in behavioural macro including areas such as labour markets, growth, government policies or behavioural research on fairness, and social norms.

Dr Abhijit Ramalingam
Contract theory; Behavioural and experimental economics, particularly analysis of cooperation and competition; Interactions on networks; Inequality

Professor Robert Sugden
Welfare economics, social choice, choice under uncertainty, the foundations of decision and game theory, the methodology of economics, and the evolution of social conventions.

Dr Stefania Sitzia
Behavioural and experimental economics with a focus on focal points and consumers' behaviour (price complexity, energy tariffs and price shaping). Experimental and economic methodology.

Professor Theodore Turocy
Game theory, auctions, the provision of public goods, contests, computational methods in game theory and economics.

Dr Marta Wisniewska
Finance, Investments, Asset Pricing, Derivatives

Dr Fuyu Yang
Bayesian econometrics, financial econometrics, and time series econometrics.

You can find a more comprehensive list of staff and their interests in our People page.