Peter Moffatt is a Professor of Econometrics in the School of Economics.  Most recently, his research has been in the area of “experimetrics”, that is, the econometric modeling of data from economic experiments.  In particular, he is interested in ways of incorporating between-subject heterogeneity into such models.  An important recent development in experimetrics is the use of finite mixture models, which recognize that the population is made up of different types of subject, who respond in different ways to different stimuli.  Peter has already applied this type of model to data from public goods experiments and risky choice experiments, and plans to extend this set of applications in future.

Peter has also researched in many other fields, including the modeling of household debt, the modeling of the UK sex industry, and the theory of the consumer.

Key Research Interests

Research projects from 1 January 2001

Funded projects completed since 1 January 2001

The Role of Experimental Methods in Economics, Leverhulme Trust, 2002-5 (with Nick Bardsley, Robin Cubitt, Graham Loomes, Chris Starmer, and Bob Sugden).