I am professor of economics. I have a PhD in Economics from Copenhagen Business School and MSc in Economics from University of Copenhagen. Before joining UEA I was professor of economics at University of Copenhagen (2006-2011) and Newcastle University (2011-2017). My research interests are within Economic Theory: economic dynamics, general equilibrium and cost sharing in networks. 

All Publications

Crès, H., Tvede, M.


Regulation of trades based on differences in beliefs,

in European Economic Review


pp. 133-141

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Hougaard, J. L., Moreno-Ternero, J. D., Tvede, M., Østerdal, L. P.


Sharing the proceeds from a hierarchical venture,

in Games and Economic Behavior


pp. 98-110

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Crès, H., Markeprand, T., Tvede, M.


Incomplete financial markets and jumps in asset prices,

in Economic Theory



pp. 201-219

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Hougaard, J. L., Tvede, M.


Minimum cost connection networks: Truth-telling and implementation,

in Journal of Economic Theory


pp. 76-99

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