The Norwich Economic papers, volume seven The Norwich Economic papers, volume seven

The Norwich Economic Papers, February 2013 - Volume 7

The first part of this volume contains a selection of the best essays so far from the 2012/3 academic year. The second part contains careers and study advice. You can either view the complete journal or articles and essays individually below.

Complete Journal

Volume 7 - February 2013

Part 1 - Student Essays

Charlie Mealings

Consumption Smoothing Under Binding Borrowing Constraints: Still Observable?

  • Module: (ECO-2A05) Principles of Macroeconomics  
  • Course: BSc. Economics and Politics, Year 2

Samuel Bittante

What is "Ricardian Equivalence" and when can it fail?

  • Module: (ECO-2A05) Principles of Macroeconomics  
  • Course: BSc. Economics, Year 2

Ollie Lee 

Do immigrants to the UK receive lower wage returns to education than observably similar British/Irish nationals?

  • Module: (ECO-3A15C) Labour Economics
  • Course: BSc. Economics, Year 3

Michael Twist

"Now that so many commercial television channels are available to audiences there is no longer a need for Public service broadcasting". Discuss.

  • Module: (ECO-M015) Economics of the Mass Media
  • Course: MA. International Business Economics

Minh Luu 

Poverty can be alleviated by two alternative strategies: by providing microcredit to the poor or by undertaking industrialisation. Both strategies have their strengths and limitations. Discuss them by studying two countries of your choice.

  • Module: (ECO-3A09C) Development Economics
  • Course: BSc. Business Economics, Year 3

Part 2 - Careers & Study Advice and Reviews

Aaron Finlayson

First Steps to Employability

Dr Matthew Aldrich

What can I do to improve my employability?

Harriet Johnson

First Year: Work Hard or Play Hard?

Tom Jordan

Beyond the BSc