The Norwich Economic Papers, volume four The Norwich Economic Papers, volume four

The first part of this volume contains examples of exceptional student essays in various modules and written by students at various levels of study within the School of Economics. The second part contains careers and study advice. You can either view the complete journal or articles and essays individually below.

Complete Journal

Norwich Economic Papers - Volume 4

Part 1 – Student Essays

Salvatore Nava 
"A Price Theory of Multi-Sided Platforms": Article Report

  • Module: Industrial Economics 1 (ECO-M011)
  • Course:  MSc Industrial Economics

Carsten Crede 
Does Professor Quality Matter?: A Critical Review of the Study of Carrell and West (2010)

  • Module: Economic Theory 1 (ECO-M005)
  • Course: MSc Industrial Economics

Kieran Keohane 
Would increased European budgetary expenditure upon research contribute to, or alleviate its current economic woes?

  • Module: The European Economy (ECO-2A11)
  • Course: BSc Economics, Year 2

Shanshan He 
An Analysis of Airline Pricing

  • Module: Economics Concepts (ECO-M019)
  • Course: MA International Business Finance and Economics

Jason Parr-Morley 
Describe the matching function and its implications

  • Module: Principles of Macroeconomics (ECO-2A05)
  • Course: BSc Economics, Year 2

Aminah Draey 
How might "animal spirits" affect the investment decision?

  • Module: Principles of Macroeconomics (ECO-2A05)
  • Course: BSc Business Economics, Year 2

Part 2 - Careers and Study Advice

Alex Kersey
UEA Graduate Career Profile: Market Data Business Analyst

Stephan Schmitt
Applying for Masters Degrees

Zoe Bett
How to get involved in Public Engagement

Stephan Schmitt
The Graduate Market in 2012

Jun Jie Tan
UEA Current Student Internship Experience: Operations Analyst