The Norwich Economic Papers, June 2014 - Volume 10

The first part of this volume contains a selection of the best essays from the 2013/14 academic year. The second part is a Lifestyle and Reviews section. You can either view the complete journal or articles and essays individually below.

Complete Volume

Volume 10 - June 2014

Part I- Exemplary Student Essays

Steven Ram
"Show, using UK and US data, that the variability of the consumption-output ratio is lower than that of the investment-output ratio (consumption smoothing). How do intertemporal based theories explain the phenomenon of consumption smoothing?"

  • Module: Principles of Macroeconomics (ECO-2A05)
  • Course: BSc Philosophy, Politics and Economics, Year 2

Will O'Donnell
"The importance of health and education in economic development is beyond dispute, and yet the poor are often seen to underinvest in both health and education of their children, even when they are easily affordable or entirely free. Provide an in-depth analysis of this issue by considering two countries, where significant interventions have been made in either health or education or both, and evaluate their experience to answer the question."

  • Module: Development Economics (ECO-3A09)
  • Course: BSc Economics, Year 3

Cheuk Chung
"There are different explanations of why certain countries are developed and other countries are still developing. Review three bodies of work, namely, the institutional theory, the geography theory and the growth theory, and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses in light of the empirical evidence. Which theory would you endorse?"

  • Module: Development Economics (ECO-3A09)
  • Course: BSc Economics, Year 3

Ryan Fletcher
"How do migrants impact the performance of teams in the English Premier League: does the composition of migrants have an effect?"

  • Module: Labour Economics (ECO-3A15)
  • Course: BSc Economics, Year 3

Marvin Deversi
"We can learn more from an experiment on behavioural choice between simple and compound lotteries than we can learn from an experiment on asset markets."

  • Module: Experimental Economics I (ECO-M007)
  • Course: MSc Experimental Economics

James Rossington
"Plausible deniability and its effects on trust-fulfilling in the basic trust game."

  • Module: Experimental Economics II (ECO-M008)
  • Course: MSc Experimental Economics


Part II- Lifestyle and Reviews

Wilfred Wong, Sam Lai, Alexa Li and Isabel Fung
An International Perspective- Studying At UEA

Cameron Belton
The Life of a Masters Student

Mengjie Wang
Book Review: Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely

Imogen Turner
Book Review: China's Silent Army by Juan Pablo Cardenal and Heriberto Araujo

Jack Whybrow
Bitcoin: Currency or Commodity? Is There a Future for Virtual Currency?