Seventh Annual Student Essay Competition Seventh Annual Student Essay Competition

The School of Economics is pleased to announce the results of the Seventh ECO Student Essay Competition.  Entries from each of the UG year groups and the PG group were judged by the Editorial Board of the Norwich Economic Papers. 
A selection of the winning essays will be published in Volume 13 of the Norwich Economic Papers.
Congratulations to all our winners:
Year 1
First Place – Owen Calder (£1000 prize)
Second Place  – Saul Dawes (£700 prize)
Third Place – Ashwan Mungur (£500 prize)
Runner Up – Ben Grimmer (£300 prize)
Runner Up – Jacob Shilling(£300 prize)
Runner Up – Aiden Warwick (£300 prize)
Year 2
First Place – Joel Russell (£1000 prize)
Joint Second Place – Christine Ding and Nhung Doan (£700 prize each)
Third Prize -  Rebecca Heath (£500 prize)
Runner Up – Jake Patterson (£300 prize)
Runner Up – Matthew Protheroe (£300 prize)
Year 3
First Place – Hannah McCartney (£1000 prize)
Second Place – Peter Coverdale (700 prize)
Third Place – Emil Isayev (£500 prize)
First Place – Giang Thi Nguyen (£1000 prize)
Second Place – Thanh Doan/Tien Khaw (joint essay) (£350 prize each)
Third Place – Dinh Trinh/Eliam Kadewele (joint essay) (£250 prize)