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The Norwich Economic Papers, September 2016 - Volume 14

Volume 14 contains exemplary student essays from the 2015/16 academic year and a "special mention" from our previous essay competition.



James Merewood, "To what extent did Barak Obama Fulfil the Expectations Set Out in the Famous 'Yes We Can' Speech?"

Andra Tutuianu, "China: Collapse of an Empire of a new fresh start?"

Alexander Lindsay, "Norwich's own Launch-pad for Growth"

George Markham, Introductory Economics Assignment

John Kahodi, Introductory Economics Assignment

Wokciech Serwacki, Introductory Economics Assignment

Alex Lovett, Introductory Economics Assignment

Alice Hebditch, "What influences trade union membership? A microeconomic analysis"

Rebecca Heath, "The Economics of Housework: Exploring the Determinants and Allocation of Hours of Household Labour."

Winnie Ho, "Does producing green product create opportunity for companies? Is living area being important factor for companies to consider?"

Alexander Lindsay, "Austerity measures have strained Charities, will income growth relieve this pressure"

Natalie Wood, "What factors determine people's willingness to donate money to charity and their generosity when donating"

Hannah McCartney, "An investigation into the UK gender pay gap and how it could be improved through a change in paternity leave policy"

Anthony Amoah, "Are we ready for a repeat of financial crisis?"