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The Norwich Economic Papers, June 2017 - Volume 15

Volume 15 contains exemplary student essays from the 2016/17 essay competition. The questions posed in this issue were carefully selected to by the editorial board to ensure that they represent contemporary issues within the field. 

If systemic inequality of income and/or wealth is not sufficently addressed, what might the consequences be to an economy?

Sam McDonald, Year 2, Joint 1st Prize
James Bailey, Year 1, 2nd Prize
Taahir Motala, Year 1, 3rd Prize

15 years ago Portugal decriminalised all drug use. Assess the economic implications of the UK decriminalising the drug market.

Peter Gouvoussis, Year 3, Joint 1st Prize
Georgina Coleman, Year 3, Joint 1st Prize
Mitchell Stephenson, Year 2, 2nd Prize 
Natanaelis Rackauskas, Year 3, 3rd Prize
Scott Stockdale, Year 2, 3rd Prize

On November 8, more than 85 percent of India’s circulating currency was made illegal overnight. Discuss possible reasons for this, and assess the impact of demonetisation on India’s economy.

Andrew Draper, Year 2, Joint 1st Prize

Bhutan ignores GDP as a meaningful indicator of economic prosperity and instead measures its citizens' happiness levels. Should western economies follow suit?

Elliot Bliss & James Parmenter, Year 1, 1st Prize

Sam Paccia-Folkins, Year 3, 2nd Prize