Essay Competition 2016-17 Essay Competition 2016-17

The School of Economics is pleased to announce the results of the Eighth ECO Student Essay Competition.  Entries from each of the UG year groups were judged by the Editorial Board of the Norwich Economic Papers.

A selection of the winning essays has been published in Volume 15 of the Norwich Economic Papers.

Congratulations to all our winners:

NEP Winners

Year 1

First Place – Elliott Bliss and James Parmenter, Joint Entry (£500 prize each)
Second Place  – James Bailey (£700 prize)
Third Place – Taahir Motala (£500 prize)


Year 2  

Joint First Place – Andrew Draper and Sam McDonald (£1000 prize each)
Second Place – Mitch Stephenson (£700 prize)
Third Prize -  Scott Stockdale (£500 prize)


Year 3

Joint First Place – Georgina Coleman and Peter Gouvoussis (£1000 prize each)
Second Place – Sam Paccia-Folkins (£700 prize)
Third Place – Natanaelis Rackauskas (£500 prize)

Students were invited to submit an essay based on one of the following topics:

  1. “A science that hesitates to forget its founders is lost” – Alfred Whitehead, 1916. What value does the study of the history of economic thought hold?
  2. 15 years ago Portugal decriminalised all drug use. Assess the economic implications of the UK decriminalising the drug market.
  3. If systemic inequality of income and/or wealth is not sufficiently addressed, what might be the consequences to an economy?
  4. On November 8, more than 85 percent of India’s circulating currency was made illegal overnight.  Discuss possible reasons for this, and assess the impact of demonetisation on India’s economy.
  5. Bhutan ignores GDP as a meaningful indicator of economic prosperity and instead measures its citizens' happiness levels. Should western economies follow suit?

Other rules and conditions:

  • Only current undergraduate students in a degree offered by the School of Economics at the University of East Anglia ('the School' in what follows) are eligible to apply.
  • Joint submissions are possible, but please note that, if students belong to different academic years, the essay will automatically be considered only for the category of the most academically senior student in terms of academic progression in their UEA Economics studies.  In case of a prize being awarded to a jointly produced essay, the prize will be split equally among the winners.
  • Students need to hold copyrights of the essays when submitting them to the School for the competition.
  • On submission of the essay, students agree to surrender to the School the copyrights of the essay, inclusive of the rights to submit the essay for plagiarism inspection and to publish the essay online.
  • The School may publish online in Norwich Economic Papers more essays than those to whom a prize is offered.
  • Each student can submit only one essay.  Members of the Editorial Board are not permitted to submit an essay.
  • Essays should be in English and should be submitted electronically.
  • The School reserves the right not to award prizes if essays of insufficient quality, and/or inappropriate for online publication on the University website, are submitted.