Applied and Financial Economics Workshops Applied and Financial Economics Workshops

Autumn 2016

The Applied and Financial Economics Workshops are currently on hiatus for the Autumn Semester.

Spring 2015

The Applied and Financial Economics Workshops include the Accounting, Financial and Governance Group (AFG) Workshops, plus additional AFE workshops organised by Peter Moffatt. Email:

All seminars will be held in TPSC Room 2.01 4pm-5pm unless otherwise indicated.

Date    AFG/AFE Presenter Title
Monday 19th January AFG

Peter Ellington

How neoliberalism is affecting the professionalism of academics teaching on undergraduate accounting programmes
Monday 26th January AFG Chris Mallin A review of research on corporate governance guidelines around the world: what we know and what is still missing
Monday 2nd February AFG Peter Moffat Testing for risk vulnerability in the wider population
Monday 9th February AFG Michael Rezec Does Pension Funds' Fiduciary Duty Prohibit the Integration of Environmental Responsibility Criteria in Investment Processes?: A Realistic Prudent Investment Test
Monday 16th February AFG George Daskalakis Servitization of manufacturing and shareholder value
Monday 23rd February AFG Apostolos Kourtis Adaptive shrinkage estimation in portfolio choice
Monday 2nd March AFG Amanda Williams The role of professional accounting body accreditation in UK accounting degrees
Monday 9th March AFG Effie Symitsi Co-attention and Co-movement
Monday 16th March AFE Anastasiya Shamshur  Owner age, exit strategy and firm performance
Monday 13th April AFG Raphael Markellos The hazards of morality: Do responsible firms and investors have a different risk profile?
Monday 20th April AFG Badar Al-Shabibi The relationship between corporate governance and institutional investors
Monday 27th April AFG Jana (Zhaniya) Kebekpayeva Eurasian Economic Union and its impact on local insurance markets
Monday 11th May AFG Nasser Alkalbani The Board of Directors in the UK Corporate Governance Context