Recent and current research grants Recent and current research grants

Cooperative Bargaining Situations

Researcher(s): Dr Anders Poulsen (PI) and Associate Professor Maria Montero (Co-I)
Funder: British Academy - Leverhulme Trust Small Research Grant
Period: April 2014 - April 2016
Awarded value: £8,800

Regulation and competition in medical devices: A case-study on hip prostheses

Researcher(s): Ms Charlotte Davies (PI) and Prof Bruce Lyons (Co-I)
Funder: Arthritis Research UK
Period: September 2011-May 2017
Awarded value: £126,319

Centre for Creativity, Regulation, Enterprise & Technology (CREATe)

Researcher(s): Dr Emily Laidlaw (PI) and Prof Daniel Zizzo (Co-I)
Funder: Arts and Humanities Research Council
Period: October 2012-September 2016
Awarded value: £350,997

Behaviour and health

Researcher(s): Prof Marc Suhrcke (PI) and Prof Daniel Zizzo (Co-I)
Funder: National Institute for Health Research
Period: January 2011-December 2015
Awarded value: £593,400

Centre for Competition Policy Phase 2

Researcher(s): Prof Morten Hviid (PI), Prof Stephen Davies (Co-I), and Prof Bruce Lyons (Co-I)
Funder: Economic and Social Research Council
Period: September 2009-August 2014
Awarded value: £4,552,011

Complexity, inattention, and inferential expectations: Why are agents belief conservative?

Researcher(s): Prof Daniel Zizzo (PI) and Dr Fuyu Yang (Co-I)
Funder: Australian National University
Period: August 2012-August 2014
Awarded value: £5,542

Analyzing the stochastic dependence between the financial intermediary's risk appetite and GDP growth: A Bayesian copula approach

Researcher(s): Dr Fuyu Yang
Funder: British Academy
Period: September 2011-August 2013
Awarded value: £6,900

Bidding in laboratory auctions: A direct comparison of private, common and general affiliated values settings

Researcher(s): Dr Theodore Turocy
Funder: British Academy
Period: July 2012-June 2013
Awarded value: £9,974

Understanding unstructured bargaining situations: Experimental evidence

Researcher(s): Dr Anders Poulsen (PI)
Funder: Leverhulme Trust
Period: April 2011-March 2013
Awarded value: £65,878

Complexity and focal points in bargaining situations: Experimental evidence

Researcher(s): Dr Anders Poulsen
Funder: British Academy
Period: March 2010-September 2011
Awarded value: £6,199

Westminster Family Recovery Project

Researcher(s): Dr Neil Cooper (PI) and Dr Sara Connolly (Co-I)
Funder: Westminster Council
Period: September 2009-August 2011
Awarded value: £11,000

Emotions and communication in a financial markets experiment

Researcher(s): Prof Shaun Hargreaves Heap
The Nuffield Foundation
Period: September 2009-December 2010
Awarded value: £7,317

Understanding focal points in unstructured bargaining situations: An experimental investigation

Researcher(s): Dr Anders Poulsen (PI) and Prof Robert Sugden (Co-I)
Funder: Economic and Social Research Council
Period: February 2009-July 2010
Awarded value: £63,168

Money burning, envy and development: An experimental case study in Ethiopia

Researcher(s): Prof Daniel Zizzo
Funder: Economic and Social Research Council
Period: August 2008-March 2010
Awarded value: £68,511

Do individual differences in social desirability bias imply sensitivity to social pressure and risk?

Researcher(s): Dr Piers Fleming (PI) and Prof Daniel Zizzo (Co-I)
Funder: Nuffield Foundation
Period: August 2008-July 2009
Awarded value: £7,218

Evaluation of the pilot of a common assessment framework and database for Wales

Researcher(s): Dr Marian Brandon (PI) and Dr Sara Connolly (Co-I)
Funder: Social Care Institute for Excellence
Period: February 2008-February 2009
Awarded value: £60,001