Our research has benefits far beyond academia Our research has benefits far beyond academia

Research in the School of Economics is organised into three clusters.  Within each cluster, research has many non-academic beneficiaries.

Particular studies that exemplify the School's research impact are:

Merger Remedies and Merger Control (Bruce Lyons)

This study has resulted in detailed recommendations for competition authorities. The impact of this research is evidenced in the revised guidelines used by the European Commission and (separately) the UK Competition Commission. For example, the revised guidelines pay more careful attention to the licensing terms which make merger remedies more effective and, consequently, increase the likelihood of a consumer-friendly market structure.

Public Evaluation of Methods used by the OFT (Steve Davies)

This study has influenced both the allocation of resources to the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) and across the different activities within it. It also fed into how OFT conducts its future interventions. It has since been influential among other competition authorities around the world.

Valuing Urban Green Space in Britain (Grischa Perino)

Findings from this study have helped to shape the policies on green infrastructure (Green Infrastructure Partnership), health (Green Areas Designation) and contributed to the strategic policy commitment to include natural capital into national accounts and to establish the Natural Capital Committee.