Designed to encourage career development from day one Designed to encourage career development from day one

The primary aim of our employability strategy is to encourage students to recognise the importance of focusing on your career development at an early stage of your undergraduate degree. Working alongside our professional Careers Centre, who also run the university's general employability programme, we provide a series of events tailored specifically for Economics students.

These events are also differentiated to offer specific events at different stages of the careers programme – the advice and support required for first year students is different to that of second, or third, year students.

Listed below are some of the events that we run for Economics students:

  • Careers workshops for each year of study

  • Careers coaching – an in depth programme looking at all aspects of employability; what employers look for in graduates, searching for jobs and approaching employers, how to use networking to your advantage, CV and job application advice, and much more

  • Contemporary Economic Issues careers lecture: ‘What can I do with my Economics degree?' an annual event which showcases the range of jobs available to Economics students. Hear from employers and other students who secured internships, and get tips and advice on applications and job search

  • Alumni showcase event – recent alumni from the School of Economics talk about their early career progression and explain their day to day job roles, as well as giving tips and advice to current students

  • Contemporary Economic Issues lecture series – experts in their field discuss a topical issue in economics and give an insight into their industry. Speakers from the fields of hedge funds, investment banks, policy makers, economic development and the public sector have all recently participated in this weekly public event.