The Difference Scholarships

We believe that every able student who wishes to go on to university should be given the opportunity to do so – no matter their social background. We remain committed to be socially inclusive, attracting the best and brightest minds, and delivering the most able and talented graduates to the employment marketplace. We can do this and be different, by being true to ourselves and our history at UEA.

The Difference Campaign has seen scholarships become central to UEA's culture and to generations of students to come. The philanthropy that this campaign invites is enabling the University to continue to improve in quality, to add value to the student and academic experience, and to ensure that during our 'second' 50 years we produce great minds to face the great challenges ahead.

The Difference Scholarships offer students from low-income backgrounds the opportunity to study and live at UEA: 25 undergraduate scholarships, worth £3,000 per year for a maximum three-year period, and 25 postgraduate scholarships, worth £3,000 for one year, will be available to recipients who apply and meet our criteria.

These scholarships have been created thanks to the generosity of donors – people like you.

Scholarships and bursaries have, in the past, enabled those students who otherwise may not have done to experience life and a higher education at UEA. As with many of our alumni, they have gone on to lead, pioneer and make a difference in their respective fields.

In the future, scholarships will increasingly feature centre stage. Watch the video to meet the 2015/16 recipients of The Difference Scholarships as they explain what their scholarship means to them.

If you would like to make a donation to The Difference Undergraduate or Postgraduate Scholarships Funds, you can do so over the telephone by calling Jack Merrington on +44 (0)1603 453704 or by clicking the button below.