Earlham Hall - Phase I Complete

Phase I of the renovations of the main Earlham Hall building are now complete and over 600 UEA Law Students and 34 academic staff now call the Hall home once more. Including new seminar rooms, group and individual working spaces and the main hub of the Law School, the centre of the Earlham Hall complex is becoming a hive of activity once more.
Below is a selection of images showing the development of the first phase of the renovation of Earlham Hall. Whilst the work done has enabled the UEA School of Law to relocate to the premises, we are now looking to improve the outbuildings to provide further office space and a permanent location for the UEA Law Clinic. It is with this second phase of the project that help is still needed, further information about which can be found on the previous page.

A message from Emeritus Professor Ian Smith