Earlham Hall - The Home of the UEA School of Law

We have launched the £1.5million Earlham Hall Campaign to redevelop the derelict outbuildings of Earlham Hall to provide more teaching and seminar spaces, mentoring rooms, and the new setting for the UEA Law Clinic.

In March 2014 the Law School returned to its glorious surroundings of the Grade II* Listed Earlham Hall after four years of temporary accommodation and a massive redevelopment of Earlham Hall to restore it (it had almost collapsed). 

Proposed elevations of The Bothy Building

Earlham Hall has been home to the UEA Law School since 1983 and during that time the School has seen considerable growth. Earlham Hall alone is no longer able to accommodate the Law School - our programme will convert the largest courtyard building, The Bothy Building, to provide much needed teaching and seminar space for our Law students.

Proposed seminar space within The Bothy Building

A further outbuilding will become the new setting of the UEA Law Clinic. In recent years, pro bono activity at the Law School has increased.  Now over 175 Law students are taking part in pro bono work each year. The Law School have won awards for their pro bono partnerships and in the past two years Law students have helped to reclaim over £1million of welfare benefits for their clients.  A dedicated Law Clinic at UEA will enable this work to expand. We are proud that our Law students are making a real difference while they study here at UEA.

Cross section artists impression of The Bothy Building

“Generations of UEA law graduates remember Earlham Hall with real affection as their academic home at UEA. The redevelopment of the outbuildings of Earlham Hall will allow current and future students to share that experience. It will provide a unique environment in which students can continue to flourish. It will allow the School itself to build on its many achievements and become recognised nationally and internationally as a very top law school.” 
Professor Peter Kunzlik, Head of School of Law, UEA.

Your donation to this project will also see the courtyard area transformed to provide a relaxing setting for students and staff to enjoy - bringing back that well-known Earlham Hall community spirit.

With a gift today, you can play a vital part in the Law School's future and enable the Law School's vision to become a reality.

To find out more about the Earlham Hall Campaign please call +44 (0)1603 597574 or email georgette.ward@uea.ac.uk.


Gifts of £1,000 and over will be recognised
in the courtyard area of Earlham Hall

Gifts of £10,000 and over will be recognised
within Earlham Hall

There are opportunities for room naming within the Law School for Gifts of £50,000 and over