The Norwich Research Park – Where cures will be found

The Norwich Research Park (NRP) is home to our world-class University, the UK's sixth largest hospital, several world-class centres for plant and microbial sciences, the country's premier food research institute and one of only two Genome mapping centres in the UK.

This stellar concentration of scientific power in Norfolk is probably one of the country's best kept secrets, but the centres are within a few minutes' walk of each other and collaborate in training, teaching, and developing a common Norwich Science Vision. This gives us confidence that together we can address some of the most threatening causes of ill health.

Through translational research on the NRP, we want to create real benefits for patients. This involves turning early-stage innovations into new health therapies – medicines and treatments that make a difference to the lives and futures of real people. The latest addition to the NRP comes in the shape of the Bob Champion Research and Education Building which is situated next to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. The new facility is ideally placed to implement this translational research as it not only houses state-of-the-art laboratories for medical research, but also simulated hospital bays for the training of NHS staff and the development of new research techniques based on current patients and their individual needs. 

We are confident that through this unique assembly of world class scientists the NRP will become the place where future discoveries are made, breakthroughs achieved and ultimately lives changed.

The Difference Campaign is focusing upon areas of research where we possess specific talents, and where the NRP represents the most likely place in the world to take the lead in finding answers. These include prostate cancer, the second most common cancer causing premature death in men and gastrointestinal research, where we are focusing upon better understanding and treatment of some of the most common and debilitating conditions, such as Crohn's disease and digestive system cancers. We are also putting new effort into the need to quickly find answers to antibiotic resistant disease, such as MRSA and bone diseases.

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