The Fudan Tyndall Centre

The decisions taken, or not taken, by China - more than any other country - over the next decade will have a profound influence on how much the world is able to restrict the damage from, and adapt to, future climate change.

China is already the biggest emitter of greenhouse gases, and its economy will soon outstrip that of the United States. It is pouring money into Research & Development. China is currently a major part of the problem, but it can also make the biggest contribution to the solutions.

Since the climate challenge is global, the research has to transcend international boundaries. The existing international policy machinery has, manifestly, barely started to address the urgent and stark challenge which global climate change represents. There need to be novel ways for international researchers to work together to provide policy advice which has clearer and more effective international dimensions, to engage with different groups of stakeholders, and which takes account of national priorities and practices. This novel, different approach is important and one we will invest in.

The Tyndall Centre has recognised this, through a partnership with one of China's top universities; Fudan University in Shanghai. The Fudan Tyndall Centre has support at the highest levels in the Chinese and the UK Governments, with both countries' policy-makers recognising the importance of the Tyndall Centre's initiative.