Vice-Chancellor's Circle

The following and two anonymous donors are members of the Vice Chancellor's Circle


Professor Edward Acton

Sir Geoffrey and Lady Allen

Mr Ladi Balogun (SOC90)

Mr John Barney (EUR99)

Mr Callum Barton (SOC67)

Mrs Sophie Boden (AHM84)

Ms Lysiane Bysh (EUR66)

Mr David Caplin (SOC79)

Mr and Mrs Henry Cator

Mr David Collins (EAS82)

Sir Timothy Colman

Mr Nigel Cooper (SOC68)

Mr Charlie Dimont (SOC71)

Mrs Margaret Doggett

Mr Mark Edwards (SOC75)

Mr James Ford (LAW85)

Mr Raymond and Mrs Claire Frostick

Mrs Neilma Gantner

Mr Joe Greenwell (EAS70)

Mr Mike Hammond (SOC77)

Mr Ted Hood

Mrs Karen Jones (EAS75)

Mr Andrew Kaberry (SOC64)

Mr Cyrus Kapadia (SYS90) and Mrs Heidi Kapadia (EUR90)

Ms Kirsten Lea (ART02) and Mr David Craigen

Mr Peter Lightfoot (EAS70)

Dr Michael Loewe

Mr Tim Lovett (BIO66)

Mr Philip Mould (AHM78)

Mr Graham V. Penfold (SOC79)

Ms Victoria Philips (LAW80)

Mr Martin Pick (SOC64) for the Charles Pick Fellowship

Mr Graham Pickett (SOC76)

Mr Tim Rees (SOC77)

Mrs Gwen Russell

Mr Peter Saunders (SYS86)

Mr Peter Schaffer

Mr Mike Shinya (SOC76)

Mr Ian Smith (SOC91) and Mrs Emma Smith (HIS92)

Mr Dwayne Stallings (EAS97)

Mr Robert Thorne (ENG63)

Mr Edward Tse (SOC75)

Mrs Charlotte Vaight (EAS93) and Mr Matthew Vaight

Mr Simon Wharmby (SOC66)

Mr Colin Wright

Trusts, Foundations & Organisations

The Access and Achievement Foundation

Barratt & Cooke Limited

The Bedford Memorial Trust

The Booker Prize Foundation

The British Skin Foundation

The C P Charitable Trust

Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

The Caron Trust

The Charles Littlewood Hill Trust

The Charles Wallace India Trust

The City Solicitors Educational Trust

The Crown Estate

Ede and Ravenscroft

Esmée Fairbairn Foundation


Ford Motor Company

The Geoffrey Watling Charity

Hargreaves and Ball Trust

Harold and Marjorie Moss Charitable Trust

The Henry Moore Foundation

Ishibashi Foundation

J Paul Getty Jnr Charitable Trust

John Jarrold Trust Ltd

Keswick Hall Trust

The Lady Hind Trust

Lightfoot Marketing Communications Ltd

The Lord Cozens-Hardy Trust

Memorial Trust of the 2nd Air Division USAAF

Mills and Reeve Charitable Trust

The Norfolk and Norwich Hospital Bicentenary Trust

Norfolk Charitable Trust

Paget's Association

Pan Macmillan UK

Panasonic UK Ltd

Perenco UK Ltd

Petros London Limited

Prostate Cancer Foundation

The Ranworth Trust 1985

RSA Consulting Ltd

Sir Halley Stewart Trust

SME Education Foundation

Snelling Business Systems Ltd


Sotheby's Institute of Art

South Asian Decorative Arts & Crafts Collection

S R & P H Southall Charitable Trust

Stroke Association

Toshiba International Foundation

Univeristy of Califonia Trust (UK)

Whitelaw Frater Cancer Trust

World Cancer Research Fund