The Annual Year Abroad Scholarships Reception 2015

Students from across the University were recognised at the Year Abroad Scholarships Reception hosted by the Vice-Chancellor, Professor David Richardson, who presented them with Scholarships on behalf of their generous donors.

The Vice-Chancellor, Prof David Richardson, with Scholarship recipients and donors.
Scholarship recipients with thier donors and the Vice-Chancellor. From left to right: Fiona Jordan, Nick Jordan, Sophie Stevenson, Oliver Mathaeu Raven, Nathaniel Sikand-Youngs, Louis Cheslaw, Professor David Richardson, Silvia Castro Torres, and Jill Buch.

All of the recipients at the event are soon to embark on their Year Abroad, an opportunity to study at one of the University’s many prestigious partner universities with which UEA has a long-standing connection – some 160 outstanding institutions across the globe. A gift for academic or creative brilliance, each of the Scholarships awarded at the event will support the recipient as they take on one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences available to UEA students, and will allow them to make the very most of their time living and studying abroad.

Taking place at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, the event was an opportunity for the donors of these Scholarships to meet this year’s recipients. Also present were several past recipients of the Scholarship, many of them now Alumni, who came to share their experiences with the students about to embark on new ones.

Past and present Will Jordan Memorial Scholarship recipients with Nick and Fiona Jordan
Past and present recipients of the Will Jordan Memorial Award with Nick and Fiona Jordan. From left to right: Mathew Andrews, Miranda Langford, Sophie Stevenson, Fiona Jordan, Nick Jordan, and Leo Hunt.

Awarded this year for the fifth time, the Will Jordan Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Sophie Stevenson (AMA 13) for a piece of creative writing which delighted the judges and donors of the Scholarship alike. Nick and Fiona Jordan established the Scholarship in memory of their son, former UEA Student Will Jordan (AMA 07), to enable a student to share the same exceptional experiences Will had while studying abroad in North America. Also present were three out of four of the previous winners of the award – with Georgia Holmes (AMA 12), last year’s recipient, currently studying abroad, the remaining previous Will Jordan Memorial Scholars marked the anniversary with the Jordan family.

Group of recipients talking.
Recipients of the Allan Buch UK Scholarships, Oliver Matheau-Raven and Silvia Castro Torres, with Ana Roman, Study Abroad Coordinator at UEA.

The Scholarships awarded at the event have helped many individual students, but they have also supported the University’s vibrant Year Abroad Programme for a number of years. The Joe Greenwell Scholarship rewards academic brilliance, going to the student with the highest grades in American Studies subjects going on a year abroad, and was this year awarded to Nathaniel Sikand-Youngs (AMA 13), whilst the Allan Buch Scholarships were awarded to Louis Cheslaw (AMA 13), Silvia Castro Torres (ENV 13), and Oliver Mathaeu-Raven (MTH 13), and go to students who are accepted to study at the University of California, Berkeley campus – an institution which attracts some of our brightest students each year.

Louis Cheslaw (Allan Buch Scholar) and Jill Buch
Jill Buch, donor of the Allan Buch UK Scholarships established in memory of her husband, with one of this year's recipients of the Allan Buch UK Scholarships, Louis Cheslaw.

Followed in the evening by Court – the University’s annual report on activities throughout the past year – the Year Abroad Scholarships Reception was an opportunity to celebrate individuals who represent the University’s best talents, and was a chance to congratulate them, wishing them luck as they become ambassadors for UEA across the world.

To read more about Alumni supported Scholarships at UEA, and to find out how you can get involved, take a look at our Opportunity webpages.