Thank you from the Law School

The Law School would like to thank all the alumni and friends who have given to the Earlham Hall Campaign so far. The campaign has raised almost £600,000 to provide the Law School with much needed additional teaching, seminar and outreach space.

Earlham Hall, summer 2014

To date over 470 donations have been received from alumni and friends of UEA raising almost £600,000 towards the Earlham Hall Campaign.  Each donation is helping us to reach our ambitious target of £1.5million and to realise our vision of transforming the Law School's setting for future generations of Law students.

With the Law students studying back in their home of Earlham Hall our fundraising is focused on the potential of three derelict outbuildings of the courtyard area.  Each building will be redeveloped to address an important area for the Law School.  The largest of the buildings, The Bothy Building, will give the School much needed teaching and seminar space, with over 600 Law students the main Hall is simply not big enough.  A second outbuilding will become the new setting of the UEA Law Clinic allowing more students to gain practical legal experience as they study.  The final outbuilding will provide additional mentoring and office spaces to ensure our students are well supported as they study for their law degree. 

Professor Peter Kunzlik, Head of UEA Law School writes: "Thank you to everyone who is helping the Law School today, through the Earlham Hall Campaign we have been reconnected with many of our alumni and we value the friendships which are being re-kindled.  Thank you for the difference you are making." 

Thank you to everyone who supported the Earlham Hall Campaign; we are a third of the way to our target and we continue to fundraise to transform the Law School's setting.  For more details visit the Earlham Hall Campaign pages.