Record number of scholarships awarded to celebrate UEA's 50th anniversary

A record number of scholarships were awarded to UEA students and staff at the annual Scholarships Reception, held on Friday 7th March. Scholarship donors, winners, and their guests all attended this celebratory event which was hosted by the University's Vice-Chancellor, Professor Edward Acton.

Speakers included alumnus Dominic Christian (SOC 79), who talked of the rewarding experience he has enjoyed as a result of supporting postgraduate students in the School of History at UEA. Jay Aldous, the winner of the Medical Aspirations Scholarship, then spoke of how invaluable his Scholarship is to him.

The Medical Aspirations Scholarship, which is supported by alumnus David Tibble (SOC 70), was established to enable students from non-traditional medical backgrounds to study medicine in the Norwich Medical School. Jay recalled being asked by a teacher, "Are you sure you want to apply for medicine? Because believe me, it won't happen. The world of medicine will chew you up and spit you out." Jay described how, upon being awarded the Scholarship, he felt he was being rewarded and recognised for all the hard work he had put in, in the face of difficult circumstances.

Finally, Kate Llewellyn- the recipient of the Mark V Williams Postgraduate Scholarship- spoke of how her Scholarship has helped her to grow in confidence academically. Kate also explained how the Scholarship has given her the freedom to take advantage of volunteering and internship opportunities, which she would otherwise have not been able to, due to financial pressures.

Winner of the Mark V Williams Postgraduate Scholarship, Kate Llewellyn, with alumnus and scholarship donor, Mark Williams (EUR 81).

Following the presentation of the scholarships, a drinks reception was held in the stunning Modern Life Café at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts. Scholarship winners had the opportunity to meet and thank their donors for their generous support. Music was provided by harpist and UEA alumna, Lucinder Pennick (MUS 98).

Thanks to the generous support of individual donors, UEA is gratefully able to award a significant number of individually-supported scholarships every year. For the first time in 2013/14, the University has also been able to award the newly-established The Difference Scholarships. Over 30 The Difference Scholarships were awarded, thanks to the support of alumni and friends of UEA who have made one-off or regular donations since 2009. The Scholarships form part of the University's The Difference Campaign and have been established to financially support academically outstanding students who would otherwise not be able to go to university. To read about ‘The Difference' that these Scholarships have made to the recipients, please click here to read their thank you letters.

If you are interested in supporting students through scholarships at UEA, please click here for more information.

The Difference Postgraduate and Undergraduate Scholarship winners.