UEA awards record number of scholarships

The scholarship winners for 2013/14 have now been announced, with a record number of nearly 60 scholarships being awarded this year!

Over half of the scholarships awarded this year are ‘The Difference' scholarships (pictured below). These scholarships have been launched in 2013 to celebrate the University's 50th anniversary. All the scholarships awarded by UEA have been made possible thanks to the generous support of UEA alumni, friends, and organisations.

The winners of the undergraduate ‘The Difference' scholarships are:

  • Ahad Miah (BIO)
  • Elizabeth Allum (PHA)
  • Hannah Smart (LAW)
  • Jacob Reynolds (LDC)
  • Jodie Snow (LDC)
  • Luke Broad (PHA)
  • Nicola Cutting (HIS)
  • Frances Fuller (EDU)
  • Jamie Thurston (CMP)
  • Kirsty Tahta-Wraith (PSY)
  • Mary Symons (ENV)

The winners of the postgraduate ‘The Difference' scholarships are:

  • Elizabeth Hambrick (LDC)
  • Hannah Kuntz (DEV)
  • Charlie Annis (LDC)
  • Valentina Konstantinidi (LDC)
  • Danielle Redd (LDC)
  • Tyler Farrow (DEV)
  • Charlotte Peacock (LDC)
  • Richard Attoe (LAW)
  • Linda McCarthy (FTM)
  • Daniel Clegg (ART)
  • Catherine Elliott (ART)
  • Bridget Read (LDC)
  • Brigitte Kehrwisch (LCS)
  • Elizabeth Davison (HIS)
  • Andrea Pieri (PHI)
  • Simon Lavis (AMS)
  • Harry Mason (LDC)
  • Patrick Daniel (AMS)
  • Tharsini Sivapalan (BIO)
  • Francisco de Borja Gonzalez Duran (ART)
  • Shirley Mills (PHA)

In addition to 'The Difference' Scholarships the following donor-supported scholarships were awarded in 2013/14 (pictured above). The Scholarships, which are funded by UEA alumni, friends and organisations, contribute towards tuition fees or other university expenses, providing support to students throughout their degree course at UEA. The winners are as follows:

  • The Lightfoot Marketing Scholarship in American Studies  - Amanda Bawden (AMS)
  • The 2nd Air Division Memorial Library 50th Anniversary Scholarships - Jenny Whitaker (AMS), Matt Gallagher (AMS), Eleanor Bishop (AMS), Joni Wright (AMS), and Kelly York (AMS)
  • The Ranworth Trust Scholarship - Sally Gibbs (BIO)
  • The Simon Wharmby Postgraduate Scholarship in Environmental Sciences - Christopher Johnson (ENV)
  • The John Jarrold Scholarships - Lucy McKinlay (ENV), Daniel Meek (ENV)
  • The Dominic Christian Scholarship - James Barnaby (HIS)
  • The Leipzig Postgraduate Scholarship in Modern European History - Elliot Short (HIS)
  • The Mark V Williams Postgraduate Scholarship - Kate Llewellyn (HIS)
  • The Nabarro Scholarships - Jessica McKenna (LAW), Sinead Cuthill (LAW)
  • The Ink, Sweat & Tears Poetry Writing Scholarship - Katharine Duckney (LDC)
  • The Onoto Creative Writing Scholarship - Alice Falconer (LDC)
  • Medical Aspirations Scholarship - Jay Aldous (MED)
  • Norfolk Youth Music Trust Scholarship - Leona Pang (MUS)
  • The Mark V Williams Undergraduate Scholarship - Jacob Freshwater (NBS)
  • The Panasonic Scholarship - Hannah Justice (BIO)
  • The Panasonic Scholarship in Engineering - Lauren Bird (MTH)
  • The UEA Booker Scholarship - Sarah Young (LDC)
  • The Charlie Dimont Scholarship - Megan Pay (PHI)
  • The Corsair Bursary - John McHugh (LDC)
  • The David Higham Award - Paula Cocozza (LDC)
  • The Seth Donaldson Memorial Bursary - Anealla Safdar (LDC)
  • The Graham Thurston Scholarship- Anika Notaras (EDU)
  • The Ivy Rose Hood Memorial Scholarships- Sarah Myers, Maisie-May Lambert, Richard Wink (EDU

The scholarship recipients gathered for a briefing earlier this month to hear more about their scholarships and how they can be involved in meeting donors throughout their time at UEA. The awards will be formally presented at a Scholarships Reception in March 2014, when the students will have the opportunity to meet and thank their donors in person.