New Santander Agreement to further support Scholarships, Enterprise and Internships

Vice-Chancellor, Professor David Richardson, hosted Managing Director of Santander Universities, Robin Foale, in a visit to campus where a new agreement was signed.

Santander Universities has supported Scholarships, Enterprise and Internships across the University since 2012 and have recently confirmed their continued support by pledging a further £150,000.

Over the last three years, Santander scholarships have provided financial support for 18 international postgraduate students, helping to ensure that UEA continues to attract the most talented students from around the world. In addition, Santander Mobility awards have enabled staff and students to pursue learning and research opportunities with international institutions, helping UEA to build key relationships with academic partners overseas. 

UEA Vice-Chancellor, Professor David Richardson, said “This support for student scholarships has been a great asset to UEA’s ambitious international agenda and we are thankful to Santander for the funding, expertise and connections they have been able to offer.”

Santander also supports student employability at UEA, particularly the provision of work placements and internships for both students and graduates. UEA has recently invested important resource in the Careers Service, and has developed a range of services to provide students with the resources and opportunities they need to get ahead. Thanks to generous support from Santander, the University has been able to extend this programme by offering an additional 37 internships to final year students to help them make their first career steps. 

The final focus of Santander’s support is UEA’s student enterprise programme. The University aims to create a thriving culture of enterprise amongst students and staff. Santander is helping to realise this aim by providing seed funding for student entrepreneurs to develop their business concepts, known as the “Try It” and “Do It” awards. The awards are provided to students and graduates who demonstrate sound business ideas, alongside a provision of support and guidance from the Student Enterprise team to help ensure the student entrepreneurs realise their full potential.

During the visit, guests heard speeches from Santander Postgraduate Scholarship Recipient, Carlos Ochoa Mota, and a beneficiary of one of the Santander 'Do It' awards, Nick Hopkins, who spoke about how Santander's support had helped him to purchase equipment for his start up film production company. Also in attendance were two recipients of the 'Try it' awards, who had set up stalls and brought their products and ideas to show guests and to demonstrate the difference that the support of Santander Universities had already made to them.

Mr Foale said that Santander Universities were 'looking forward to continuing their partnership with UEA' to ensure that students and staff continue to benefit from the incredible opportunities offered.

The University would like to thank Santander for all the support they have provided over the last three years, as well as the continued funding of some of the University’s most important areas for student development.