1988 Law Alumni Reunion

LAW 1988 Year Group Reunion at K&L Gates London May 2014

The 1988 Law year group recently held its first alumni reunion in London, where the evening was hosted by James Wall, CEO at Agency33 (who was visiting from Denver) and Sebastian Charles, Partner at K&L Gates. 

K&L Gates kindly provided the refreshments and hosted the evening on their wonderful roof terrace at One New Change, with terrific views of St Pauls.  The weather stayed fine and the conversation (and drinks) flowed.  Although it had been 26 years since their first day at UEA everybody readily recognised their fellow alumni and soon caught up on each other's news.  There was a diverse mix of practicing lawyers and non-lawyers, and business and social connections were explored and many reminiscences fondly recounted.

Gareth Thomas, Senior Lecturer at UEA Law School gave an overview of the University today and described how the Law School has changed since 1988.  There are now nearly 600 undergraduate and postgraduate students studying Law, and each year 175 students are actively involved in legal pro-bono activities alongside their academic studies. 

There are many ways for Law Alumni to help the Law School, including mentoring students, participating in careers talks and opening up opportunities for Law undergraduates.  Georgette Ward, Development Manager, gave an update on the progress of the Earlham Hall Campaign, a redevelopment of the courtyard area of Earlham Hall, which will transform the setting for the Law School.  With a target of £1.5million the School needs help to support this project financially. 

The group determined the event a great success, and resolved to keep in touch and try and track down more of their former classmates for a bigger event on a future date.  If you would like to help the Law School in any way, or would like to host your own year group gathering, please contact the alumni office who can offer support and guidance (alumni@uea.ac.uk).