Scholarship recipient's work published online

The Ink Sweat & Tears Poetry Writing Scholarship, established by friend of the University, Kate Birch, enables a student to study for the MA in Creative Writing: Poetry degree. Kate is an alumna of Toronto University. She has managed Ink Sweat & Tears, a UK-based webzine which publishes and reviews poetry, prose, prose-poetry and word and image pieces, since April 2011.

This year's recipient, Jennifer Grey, was presented with her award by Kate at the inaugural UEA Scholarships Reception in March.

Eleanor, who is from Darlington and has been interested in poetry since the age of six, was delighted to have been chosen to receive her Scholarship: "My scholarship is integral to my experience of this course. Had I not received this money, I'd probably be shoehorning a day of part-time study into a week's work at that job, still being too exhausted to focus on something I'd been waiting my whole life to do. As it is, I've not only been able to attend classes, but to completely immerse myself in UEA and Norwich."

An interview with Jennifer and some of her work is featured on the Ink Sweat & Tears website.