2014/15 Alumni Call Campaign is the Most Successful to Date

We have now reached the close of this year’s Alumni Call Campaign, in which our team of friendly student callers spoke to over 2,500 alumni across the UK. Conversations covered a diverse range of alumni career paths, memories of life at UEA, updates on university life and how alumni can give back to their University.

This year’s campaign saw over 850 alumni pledge to support the University – that's a third of everyone we spoke to! In total we raised over £132,500 for charitable causes at the University including Scholarships, Prostate Cancer Research, and the Student Experience projects fund. Thank you to everyone who supported the campaign.

Our students enjoy speaking to alumni and are often matched based on common interests or course subject. The Campaign is an opportunity for our students to give something back to the University by demonstrating their passion for UEA, whilst developing their communication skills and gaining valuable work experience. Students often also receive advice on career paths from our alumni and this year has seen several offers of work experience for our students!

Freddie, a current student caller, explains what it is like to work on the team…

“The Alumni Call Campaign was a really wonderful experience to be involved in. Working closely with fellow students enabled us to develop ties between colleagues quickly. This, combined with the support given from Supervisors and Managers, meant that shifts soon became enjoyable and a pleasure to work, something that really matters with a part time job! Being involved with the Campaign was so rewarding both professionally and personally, because it teaches invaluable communication skills and develops self-confidence. It was fascinating hearing stories from the Alumni; their memories from whilst they were here at UEA, and also what they had done in their careers. I couldn’t recommend being involved highly enough and can say genuinely that I am very grateful for the experience.”

Our 2014/15 team of dedicated callers

The Campaign is a great opportunity for our alumni to get back in touch with the University, find out about upcoming alumni events and hear about the latest campus developments. As well as giving financially, more and more alumni are choosing to give back by mentoring current students, sharing their career stories or offering internships with their businesses – all invaluable opportunities which make a difference to the lives of UEA students, so thank you to everyone who has volunteered.

Alumni donors supported four key areas of The Difference Campaign:

  • Undergraduate and Postgraduate Scholarships - so important since the changes to university funding. Alumni supported scholarships help reduce the financial burden of coming to university for talented studnets, from low-income households who might not come to UEA otherwise. This year alumni pledged over £70,000 for Scholarships - an life-changing amount for many future UEA students!
  • The Andy Ripley Memorial Fund - set up in memory of UEA alumnus and England rugby player, Andy Ripley, this fund aims to provide for a second PhD researcher dedicated to prostate cancer research. Our target amount of £75,000 is in site, with almost £30,000 raised during this campaign alone!
  • Over £9,000 was raised for our Student Experience fund which supports extra curricular opportunities, services and facilities which enhance the student experience.
  • Alumni  donated over £16,000 to the Where the Need is Greatest fund, which offers the University the flexibility to allocate funds to areas of greatest need.

Thank you to everyone who supported the campaign and took the time to speak with one of our student callers. We hope that you enjoyed your call this year, and that you are looking forward to next year’s campaign as much as we are!

We pass on all our positive feedback to our students, as they appreciate hearing how much alumni have enjoyed speaking to them, so if you would like to share yours please contact Diane Rhodes, Regular Giving Officer, on 01603 593776 or at diane.rhodes@uea.ac.uk.