Alumni Fund Disbursement Panel

Our Alumni have helped UEA to be one of the best places to be a student in the UK, and we are proud to be in the top five in the National Student Survey again this year. Doing some of that work, the Alumni Fund – previously known as the Student Experience Fund and the Annual Fund – ensures that projects which enhance learning, UEA life, and campus experiences across the University receive the funding and support they need.

Projects supported by the Fund don’t only benefit students; those receiving funding this year will reach the wide community connected to the University, including current and future students, staff, the local community, and UEA’s Alumni. The Alumni Fund Disbursement Panel met in June to distribute donations. Featuring representatives from each decade of the University’s life, the Panel ultimately supported projects which were chosen for their potential to enhance student life and the campus environment.

Many Alumni donate after speaking to our current students during the Annual Call Campaign, lending their support to our current aims after hearing about current students' experiences. Donations also come from a group of donors and Alumni, our Friendship Circle, who give to the University on a regular basis – many of whom have done so for many years. We greatly appreciate each and every one of our donors, and, to everyone who has donated to the Alumni Fund this year, we would like to say a heartfelt thank you on behalf of all those you are making a difference to.

Alumni Fund Awards 2014/15

Support for students on placements in Geneva                                                               £4,200.00

School of Politics, Philosophy, Language and Communication Studies

Funding student travel and living costs in a trial programme of six student traineeships in Geneva. These traineeships will enhance the employability of the students who participate and give them the experience of working abroad in organisations with worldwide impact.


Spanish language tri-monthly e-magazine                                                                         £3,000.00

School of Politics, Philosophy, Language and Communication Studies

Funding for a Spanish language tri-monthly magazine produced by our students, developing their language skills and employability, encouraging engagement with the wider community of Spanish speakers at and connected to UEA (including Alumni), offering opportunities for translation, website building, and journalistic experience.

Debates in Today's America                                                                                                     £603.00

School of Art, Media and American Studies

Funding a series of public talks to be held at the Second Air Division Memorial Library. The talks will be given by experts from the School of Art, Media and American Studies, and will examine current, controversial issues in American politics and society.


Launch of Music and Literature No. 6 at UEA                                                                   £1,350.00

School of Literature, Drama and Creative Writing

Supporting a launch event of the highly acclaimed literary journal Music & Literature No. 6, which will foreground the importance of Norwich as a UNESCO City of Literature, and will offer students an opportunity to mingle with contributors to the journal, as well as editors and publishers in the field.


Learning Technologies and Learning Difficulties:                                                            £3,033.35

Inclusive Approach and Good Practice 

School of Economics

Funding for a project which will appraise teaching practices which make use of new learning technologies at UEA, with the aim of (i) assessing their impact on students affected by Specific Learning Difficulties, and (ii) developing guidelines for an inclusive approach to technology enhanced learning. The project will develop technology-enhanced learning that is truly inclusive for all students, and will develop a framework to appraise technology-enhanced learning and foster inclusivity that can be used by other institutions.


Creating a repository of examples of student work                                                        £3,422.56

Dean of Students

Funding for a project to digitise examples of completed undergraduate assignments. Helping students understand what constitutes ‘good practice,' this project aims to improve academic confidence, engagement and success. Textual and audio-visual commentaries will be created which will show students the best features of the work and identify areas for development.


Annual CCP PhD Workshop                                                                                                   £3,660.00

Centre for Competition Policy

Funding for a well-established workshop providing PhD students from Law, Economics, Business, and Politics, Philosophy, Language and Communication Studies with the opportunity to present their research. The feedback and new perspectives provided allow our PhD students to test original ideas, refine their arguments, and improve their presentation skills, all of which are key to their future employability.


Straight from the IT expert's mouth                                                                                     £4,785.00

School of Computer Science

Support was given last year to the ‘Straight from the Horse’s Mouth’ project, centred on enhancing the learning environment of Computer Sciences students and bringing in experts from the field to share their experience. This year the project will be expanded to benefit students across the whole School, introducing new methods to enhance student learning.


Give It A Go Project                                                                                                                  £4,300.00

Union of UEA Students

Funding for the Union to employ a student who will coordinate the Give It A Go programme. Providing valuable work experience for the employed student, the project will encourage collaboration across societies to engage our entire student population.


Student Events Social Media Coordinator                                                                         £2,700.00

Union of UEA Students

Funding for the Union to employ a student who will coordinate the Union’s Social Media presence. Engaging with our media savvy student population, the Student Events Social Media Coordinator will also enhance their own employability.


Drop in sessions                                                                                                                       £1,040.00

Union of UEA Students

Funding for the Union of UEA Students’ Advice Centre Drop In Sessions will allow them to increase both the number of Drop In sessions and their visibility, allowing the Advice Centre to offer more flexible support to students as they undertake appeals, plagiarism meetings, requests for remarks, intercalation requests, or get advice on housing contracts. Student volunteers will also run the Drop In Sessions, gaining valuable experience and skills.


Postgraduate social grant fund                                                                                             £5,000.00

Union of UEA Students

Postgraduate students will be able to bid for support from the Postgraduate Social Grant Fund for support for activities they want to lead on without the requirement to have a long term commitment in any project.


The Disbursement Panel will meet again next year to decide on the awards to be given out by the Fund in 2015/16.

If you would like to see the results of projects supported by the Alumni Fund over the years, like the £50,000 donation from the Fund which has transformed the working environment of UEA’s Media Collective, please visit our Projects webpages.

If you would like to lend your support to the Alumni Fund, please visit our Fund webpages. We are grateful for every donation we receive.