• What is the Alumni Call Campaign?

    We really value our alumni and through the call campaign we want to give you the opportunity to speak directly with a current student and find out what UEA is like today. It may be you want to know what happened to your old halls of residence, be put in touch with an old friend or come to an event - the call campaign is your opportunity to find out about all things UEA.

    We also know that our alumni are our biggest supporters and you want to help ensure UEA remains wonderful. There are lots of ways you can help. Our student callers will talk to you about the work of our scholarship funds - so important since the changes to tuition fees – our world-leading research which hopes to find a cure to prostate cancer and our mentoring and internship programmes through which you can help UEA students get ahead in the competitive job market.

    Wherever you are on your alumni journey, whether you graduated 4 or 40 years ago, we look forward to speaking to you. 

  • When does the Alumni Call Campaign take place?

    Calling takes place on weekday evenings and weekend afternoons for six weeks in October/November and six weeks in February/March. 

  • Do all alumni receive a telephone call?

    We aim to speak to as many alumni as possible during the call campaign though, unfortunately, we don’t always have time to speak to everyone. Each year, our team of dedicated student callers try to reach over 15,000 alumni – that’s a lot of telephone calls! 

  • What number will you call from and can I call you back?

    Our calls will come from telephone numbers beginning 01603 59 followed by four further digits. Because these telephone numbers are only used on a temporary basis, they are not able to receive incoming calls. If you missed a call, it’s likely that we’ll call you again another night.


    If you would like to request a call at a specific time, or wish to speak again with a specific caller, please contact the Development Officer on 01603 591005 or at giving@uea.ac.uk, and this can be arranged.

  • What areas can I give to through the Call Campaign?

    The campaign raises funds for three areas of need within the University, areas where alumni can make a real difference. These include: scholarships to help reduce the burden of tuition fees, research into the causes and possible cures for prostate cancer, and The Alumni Fund which supports student-focused projects. You can find out more about of these areas by visiting our Call Campaign pages.

  • I would prefer not to give over the phone, how else can I donate to UEA?

    Whilst it is safe to give your details over the telephone, and all your information will be held in our secure database, we understand that not everybody is comfortable giving in this manner. There are lots of other ways you can give at a time that suits you. You can make a donation online or by post by downloading a donation form. For further information visit the Making a Gift page.

  • You have contacted my parents or my old address, how can I update my details?

    You are able to update your details at any time on the alumni website or by emailing alumni@uea.ac.uk.

  • I do not want to be called during the campaigns. How can I stop receiving calls?

    You can opt out of the alumni call campaign indefinitely, or for a set number of years, at any time by contacting the Development Officer on 01603 591005 or at giving@uea.ac.uk

  • Do the student callers get paid?

    Yes! Our student callers are always paid for their time and we are committed to helping them develop key skills and experience which will equip them for their future careers. 

  • What is Gift Aid?

    Gift Aid is a UK Government scheme, whereby a UK charity may claim tax relief on any donations made by a UK taxpayer. We can reclaim tax on your donation provided you pay enough income tax or capital gains tax to cover the amount of tax being reclaimed. The current Gift Aid rate is 25p for every £1 donated. UEA’s exempt charity reference number is XN 423.

  • When will I receive acknowledgement of my gift?

    We aim to write to all of our donors, within a few days of speaking with you. Our student callers will confirm your payment and contact details over the telephone and then your payment will be processed the next working day by the University’s finance office. 

  • Can I make my gift anonymous?

    Yes, you have the option to make a gift anonymously, and your name will not appear on any of our donor lists.

  • I wish to remember the University in my will – Can I leave a legacy to UEA?

    We know that not all alumni are able to support us during their lifetime but more and more are choosing to give something back to UEA in their Wills. To find out more about how you could leave legacy to UEA, please contact Joyce Griffin on 01603 592114, email j.griffin@uea.ac.uk or visit our Legacy webpages