The Alumni Call Campaign

Each year a team of dedicated students takes to the phones to call UEA alumni, friends and supporters of the University. The Call Campaign raises charitable gifts over the telephone for different areas of need across the University.

The Call Campaign also gives many of our students work experience dealing with aspects of marketing, administration and even, on occasion, results in a job offer from a former student! 

The autumn section of our 2016/17 Call Campaign is due to take place between Monday 17th October - Thursday 17th November. Our student callers are looking forward to speaking to you about their current experiences of UEA and updating you about The Difference Campaign.


The Alumni Call Campaign aims to raise support for the following funds:

  • Photo of The Difference Scholarships

    The Difference Scholarships

    We believe that every able student who wishes to go on to university should be given the opportunity to do so – no matter their social background.

  • Photo of Prostate Cancer Research

    Prostate Cancer Research

    Research lead by Professor Colin Cooper, we are decoding gene mutations of prostate cancer - donations large and small will help is find solutions to this big problem.

  • Photo of The Alumni Fund

    The Alumni Fund

    The Alumni Fund is an unrestricted fund which provides the flexibility to support a wide range of areas across campus, whilst enhancing the student experience.