• What is the name of the current UEA fundraising campaign?

    The Difference Campaign is the name of the most ambitious fundraising campaign ever undertaken by UEA. We aim to help find solutions to some of the most pressing challenges facing the planet, ranging from addressing the challenges facing our environment to unraveling the complex relationship between diet and disease. Difference reflects on the University motto - 'Do Different'

  • What are you raising money for?

    The Difference campaign aims to raise funds areas across four key themes where UEA is ideally placed to contribute:

    The money will help provide the answers to some of the world's greatest challenges, strengthen the institution and create opportunities for future generations of UEA students.

  • How did you decide the campaign priorities?

    These four themes were chosen after widespread consultation including hundreds of conversations with alumni, staff and donors.

    When we launched the Campaignm in 2013, the four themes of Health, Climate, Opportunity and Creativity were areas we considered our strengths lay and where UEA could make a real difference to national and worldwide issues. There was a clear consensus that this campaign should be ambitious and set the foundation for philanthropy playing an elevated role in the University's future.

    Having extended the Campaign in 2016 until 2021, we have revised our aims. Our focus remains on the themes of Health, Environment, Opportunity and Creativity, but we have broadened our aims within each to encompass more areas of research and to enhance the experience of more students throughout our university community.

  • How much do you hope to raise, and how much have you raised to date?

    We intend to raise £100million, making this the most ambitious campaign in our history. By 2016, we have already successfully raised over £53 million, having exceeded our target of raising £50m by this date.

    Our intention is to raise £100 million for the following thematic areas:

    • Environment £20m
    • Creativity £30m
    • Health £30m
    • Opportunity £20m
  • This is a lot of money. Do you think you can do it?

    This is an ambitious campaign and £100 million is a large sum of money. The issues are substantial, complex and compelling, and we can't afford anything less than a comprehensive and immediate response.

    To date we have already successfully raised over £53 million, meaning we are currently ahead of target.

  • Is UEA announcing this campaign now because of government budget cuts?

    This campaign is raising money for the University's strategic priorities, not to compensate for government cuts. In many areas, we plan to fund novel and different approaches, which might be seen by some as risky and are a challenge to fund as a result.

  • Who will give to this campaign?

    A wide spectrum of supporters: alumni, friends, corporations, UK and international trusts and foundations, staff and parents. The breadth of the four themes, we hope, will appeal to many alumni and friends.

  • When did the campaign start and when will it be completed?

    Like most universities, UEA started raising funds in a 'silent phase' of the campaign, which began in 2009. The public launch took place on the 50th Anniversary in September 2013. The campaign was due  to close in 2016, when we hit our target of £50m. Instead, we chose to 'do different' and extend our target to raise £100m by 2021.

  • How can I give to the campaign?

    You will find information about all the relevant ways in which to make a gift to The Difference campaign on the Making a Gift page

  • How can I get involved?

    There are various ways you get involved with The Difference campaign:

    • Learn more about the campaign by visiting the website.
    • Tell your friends about the campaign.
    • Volunteer for campaign events.
    • Make a gift.

    If you have a question or comment about The Difference campaign please contact a member of the Development Office

  • How will you use my data as a supporter?

    You can read our data protection statement on our webpages.