Make the Difference

Over 50 years on, as in the 1960s, we face a period of huge social change – only today the outlook is bleaker. Today we have to worry about food and water security, an ageing and exploding population, terrorism and the erosion of civil liberties, global economic fragility and the very sustainability of life on the planet. Challenges like these require new thinking: creativity, international collaboration and a real understanding of social and cultural diversity.

  • UEA doesn't have to learn how to forge international partnerships. We are already thinking and operating globally.
  • UEA doesn't need to grapple with what it means to have a social conscience. We have 50 years of practice.
  • UEA doesn't need to start inventing new approaches. We have pioneered a different approach since 1963.

This Campaign is not trying to tackle every global issue all at the same time. Instead, we are focusing our effort where it is best placed to make a difference – around the themes of health, climate, opportunity and creativity.

Our plans are ambitious and realising them will only be possible through philanthropy. Only one question remains.

Will you help us make the difference?