UEA was founded in 1963 to ‘Do Different'. True to our motto, we've done just that. We set ourselves the target of raising £50 million in philanthropic income by 2016. Not only have we hit this target ahead of schedule - we've exceeded it.

We have much to be proud of - UEA is consistently in the top five universities nationwide for student satisfaction and our research continues to be highly cited globally. To date, we have supported 547 students through scholarships, we have aided the creation of a new research and education building with state-of-the-art facilities, and we have opened doors to hundreds of our creative graduates through our Creative Writing Scholarships.

But we want to do more. We have extended our finish line to 2021 and set ourselves the target of raising £100 million for our students, our community and our world.

We are continuing to generate support for four main areas in which UEA excels. We are enhancing Opportunity for increasing numbers of students through the creation of scholarships, meaning the brightest students are given access to a university education.

We are delving deeper into cancer research, with the aim of finding a prevention and treatments to tackle the disease. As part of the Norwich Research Park, we are perfectly poised to further research into the complex relationship between diet and disease. As such, we are now raising support for the new Quadram Institute, a state-of-the-art facility which will work closely with UEA and the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital to unravel the relationship between food and Health.

Our research into our Environment is no less impressive. We aim to create new facilities for our students to allow all science students to work collaboratively in new high-spec laboratories, allowing them to share and develop ideas to solve the problems facing our planet. In addition to incredible new facilities, we will continue to increase the number of postgraduate scholarships, supporting our students in their research into our environment and the changes in our climate.

Finally, we want to continue to foster Creativity in the form of Creative Writing Scholarships and aim to fund each and every place on our world-renowned Creative Writing Programme, by 2021, as well as continuing to share the Sainsbury Centre and its wonderful collections with the world.