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Migrant fishers and fishing in the Western Indian Ocean

DEV Key Contact: Tim Daw
Project Dates: 2007 - 2011
Project Status: Complete





This is a regional research project on the socio-economic and governance issues associated with migrant fishers and fishing in the Western Indian Ocean. The study includes a literature review of the region and field-based case studies in 3 countries. The main aim of the work being proposed is to contribute towards "improved knowledge and understanding of both the needs of migrant fishers and their impact on marine resources, so that they can be incorporated as active stakeholders in fishery management planning."

The objectives of this work are:

• To identify the factors that drive fishers to migrate from their home grounds,
• To establish the migratory patterns followed by different fisher groups and the factors influencing the choice of fishing areas by migrant fishers,
• To assess the impact of the migrant fishers on resident communities, and
• To determine the social and economic issues facing migrant fishers

Partner Organisations

University of Dar es Salaam
University of Eduardo Mondlane
Community Centred Conservation, Recomap
Kalmar University
University of Stockholm.

Selected Outputs