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Reform of Emergency Seed Aid Practice

DEV Key Contact: Shawn Mcguire

Project Dates: 2005 - 2013

Project Status: Complete



This ongoing work aims to develop policy and practice that better addresses farmers' actual needs following disasters, and supports their resilience over the longer-term.  It helps practitioners (NGOs, governments, UN) develop the capacity to analyse farmers' seed security, identify their key constraints, and opportunities for development, by understanding systems of seed provision and biodiversity management. Seed System Security Assessments have occurred in many countries (e.g. DRC, Haiti, Madagascar, Timor Leste), and spurred interventions and policy changes that are better-oriented towards smallholder farmers and the stresses they face. Though applied in focus, this work raises critical questions about justice and accountability at the interface of humanitarian practice and the resilience of farming systems under stress.

A new website provides all outputs and analytical tools from this work to a growing community of practitioners in seed systems analysis.


Selected outputs:

Gross-Camp, N., Martin, A., McGuire, S.J., Kebede, B., and Munyarukaza, J. (2012). PES in an African protected area: exploring issues of legitimacy, fairness, equity & effectiveness. Oryx, 46 (1). 24-33.

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