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Structural Drivers of HIV and Other STI in Fishing Communities

Project Status:

Funded by:
Medical Research Council


The Purpose of this qualitative study is too investigate the social context of sexual partnerships among women participating in the Good Health for Women Project and their regular partners and clients, as well as men and women in the fishing villages in Masaka. The study focuses on the lives and livelihoods of participants and tries to construct the social and economic factors that may help explain multiple sexual partnerships and high-risk sexual behaviours. This study is complementing the basic science led superinfection study – the samples include individuals who are superinfected (the study team is blinded to participant HIV status). The social science component of the ‘HIV-1 Molecular Epidemiology in Uganda: The Strains, Distribution and Spread of HIV-1 in Uganda’ is carrying out similar data collection to the study above. The study settings are similar to those of superinfection study with the addition of the General Population Cohort, Kyamulibwa, Kalungu district. We are looking at the determinants of relationships and relationship change in high-risk populations as well as among people in the general population.

DEV Key Contact:

Janet Seeley


Selected Output:

McArthur, M; Birdthistle, I; Seeley, J; Mpendo, J; Asiki, G., 2013, ‘How HIV Diagnosis and Disclosure Affect Sexual Behaviour and Relationships in Ugandan Fishing Communities’, Qualitative Health Research, 23(8):112-1137

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