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Parenting for Good Behaviour and Respectability: Developing and Piloting an Intervention to Reduce Sexual and Gender based Violence in Uganda

2013 - 2015
Project Status: Completed

Funded by:
South African Medical Research Council


The aim of the project is understanding the early prevention of familial processes that predict sexual and gender based violence in Uganda. Through this project, we aim to contribute evidence for the primary prevention of gender-based violence by testing a promising intervention that draws on pre-existing motivations in families: the concern for their respectability, largely achieved through children’s good behaviour and respect for parents. The project addresses inequitable gender norms, martial harmony and respect for parents to minimize children’s early exposure to violence, and attempts to harness male parent bonding with their children.

DEV Key Contact:

Janet Seeley


Selected Output:

Mbonye, M; Nakamanya, S; Nalukenge, W; King, R; Vandepitte, J; Seeley, J., 2013, “It is like a Tomato Stall where Someone Can Pick What He Likes’: Structure and Practices of Female Sex Work in Kampala, Uganda’, BMC Public Health, 13:741

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