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Gender, caste and growth assessment

DEV Key Contact: Nitya Rao
Project Dates: 2007
Project Status: Completed


This research looked at how women and men and members of different caste groups interact with the economy; the ways that they benefit from growth or are excluded and how the impact changes when gender and caste intersect. The research asked: What are the barriers to shared economic growth? To what extent and in which direction do the policies and practice of different institutions influence growth? What changes to informal and formal institutions are required in order to improve both economic efficiency and increase the well-being of people in all social groupings? Following a review of the existing literature and statistical analysis, field work was conducted in the states of West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh to gain a deeper insight into the interactions between formal and informal institutions on the ground.

DEV Researchers

Nitya Rao

Arjan Verschoor

Selected Outputs

Is the New India bypassing women? Gendered implications of India's growth, 2011, in D'Costa, A.P. (ed.) A New India? Critical Reflections in the long twentieth century. Anthem, UK: 99-126.

Gender Caste and Growth Assessment – India (in 3 volumes), April 2008. Report to DFID

Volume 2 - Uttar Pradesh sub national study.

Volume 3 - West Bengal sub-national study.