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Epistemologies and Methodologies for Gendered Research

Project Status: Completed


Work in this area has highlighted the importance of constructivist approaches to understandings of gender, of locating women’s agency and voice within particular structural contexts, and of unpacking the complexities underlying processes of meaning-making. In this exploration, the use of multiple and mixed methods are inevitable, moving beyond disciplinary boundaries.

DEV Key Contact:

Cecile Jackson


Selected Output:
Jackson, C., 2002, ‘Disciplining Gender?’, World Development, 30(3): 497-509

Jackson, C., 2005, ‘Silence and Speech: A Troublesome Binary for Gender Analysis for Development’

Jackson, C., 2006, ‘Feminism Spoken Here: Epistemologies for Interdisciplinary Development Research’, Development and Change, 37(30) : 525-547

Jackson, C., 2008, ‘Feminism Spoken Here: Epistemologies for Interdisciplinary Development Research’ in Bardhan, N., Ray, I., (eds.) ‘The Contested Commons: Conversations between Economists and Anthropologists’, UK: Wiley-Blackwell

Jackson, C., 2012, ‘Speech, Gender and Power: Beyond Testimony’, Development and Change, 43(5): 999-1023