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The Experimental Investigation of Allocation Norms across Contexts and the Implications for Household Models and Development Policies

Project Status: Completed

Funded by:
Economic & Social Research Council
Department for International Development


The project is an experimental study of intra-household allocations in three developing countries – Ethiopia, India and Nigeria – following a pilot study conducted in Uganda. Experimental games, data from household surveys, sociological; and anthropological data are used to understand intra-household allocations in different context of developing countries.

Research Collaborators:
Alistair Munro
Marcel Tarazona

DEV Key Contact:

Bereket Kebede

Arjan Verschoor


Selected Output:
Iversen, V., Jackon, C., Kebede, B., Munro, A., and Werschoor, A., 2011, ‘Do Spouses Realise Cooperative Gains? Experimental Evidence from Rural Uganda’, World Development, 39(4):569-578