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Are Labour Statistics and Analysis Sensitive to the Survey Method

Project Status: Completed

Funded by:
The World Bank


Partner Organisations:
Elena Bardasi, World Bank

Kathleen Beegle, World Bank

Andrew Dillon, University of Michigan State

DEV Key Contact:

Pieter Serneels


Selected Output:
Bardasi, E., Beegle, K., Dillon, A., and Serneels, P., 2012. ‘What Explains the Variation in Child Labour Statistics? Evidence from a Survey Experiment in Tanzania’. Journal of Development Economics, 98(1):136-147

Bardasi, E., Beegle, K., Dillion, A. and Serneels, P., 2012, ‘Do Labour Statistics depend on How and to Whom the Questins was Asked? Results from a Randomised Survey Experiment’. World Bank Economic Review, 25(3):418-447

This paper was discussed in the Development Impact Blog by Markus Goldstein on the World Bank website.


Amongst others at the World Bank, University of Michigan, University of Oxford, IZA/WB Conference Employment and Development, University of Minnesota.