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Are labour statistics and analysis sensitive to the survey method

DEV Key Contact: Pieter Serneels
Project Dates: Complete
Project Status: Complete


DEV Researchers

Pieter Serneels

External Collaborations

Elena Bardasi, World Bank; Kathleen Beegle
World Bank; Andrew Dillon, University of Michigan State

Selected Outputs

Journal publications:

Dillon A., E.Bardasi, K. Beegle, P. Serneels, 2012, What explains the variation in child labour statistics? Evidence from a survey experiment in Tanzania Journal of Development Economics 98(1):136-147

Bardasi E., K. Beegle, A. Dillon, P. Serneels, 2012, Do labour statistics depend on how and to whom the question was asked? Results from a randomised survey experiment. World Bank Economic Review 25 (3):418-447

The paper was discussed in a recent blog by Markus Goldstein


Among others at the World Bank, University of Michigan, University of Oxford, IZA/WB Conference Employment and Development, University of Minesota.