Members of the Dementia Research and Innovation Group Members of the Dementia Research and Innovation Group

Antony Arthur

Professor Tony Arthur has research interests in the area of the evaluation of nurse-led interventions for older people, and the epidemiology of ageing. He is an investigator for the second MRC Cognitive Function and Ageing Study, a large UK-based longitudinal used to estimate the prevalence and incidence of dementia.

Chris Fox

Dr Chris Fox has interests in health service research interventions and trials and utilising large data sets in exploring mechanisms of potential prevention in strategies dementia. He is a qualified psychiatrist and runs a tertiary assessment clinic.

Simon Hammond

Dr Simon P Hammond is the Programme Manager and Research Fellow on the National Institute for Health Research funded PERFECTED research programme. Simon actively engages with vulnerable populations, carers and clinical partners to develop, refine and evaluate health service interventions.

Lee Hooper

Dr Lee Hooper's primary research area is hydration and nutrition of frail older people, particularly those with dementia, as dementia increases the risk of dehydration and poor nutrition. 

Anne Killett

Dr Anne Killett’s research is focussed on the sustainability of long-term care for people with dementia, and includes interests in the organisation of long term care and developing interventions to improve health and well-being in long term care.

Ken Laidlaw

Professor Ken Laidlaw maintains ongoing research activity in cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) for late life depression and anxiety, and recently for people with dementia. Clinically he is interested in developing compassionate person-centred approaches to understanding and managing behaviour that challenges in dementia.

Kathleen Lane

Kathleen Lane’s dementia-related interests reflect a concern for enabling the inclusion and participation of people with dementia in their daily lives as widely as possible, in order to acknowledge their personhood, to empower their voices and choices and to change society’s “seldom heard and seldom included” attitudes.

Yoon Loke

Professor Yoon Loke has interests in the adverse effects of drugs, particularly for those with risk of cognitive impairment and dementia.

Bridget Penhale

Bridget Penhale’s primary research interests are in elder abuse and adult safeguarding. She has particular interests in issues relating to abuse and people with dementia and the care and treatment that people with dementia receive in healthcare settings.

Fiona Poland

Professor Fiona Poland is engaged in qualitative research to examine means of building connections between people living with dementia, their carers and their active participation in communities. She is a sociologist, social research methodologist and Journal Editor of Quality in Ageing and Older Adults.

John Potter

Professor John Potter has a particular interest in the relations between blood pressure along with other cardiovascular risk factors and the development of mild cognitive impairment and dementia.  His group are also studying the link between brain blood flow to different stimuli after stroke and cognition (neurovascular coupling).

Louis Renoult

Dr Louis Renoult’s main research focus is the cognitive neuroscience of memory. He uses behavioural as well as functional neuroimaging methods in his research.

Charlotte Salter

Dr Charlotte Salter is a Senior Lecturer in Health & Communication in Norwich Medical School. As a social gerontologist and principle investigator on a recent ESRC Seminar series on The Sociology of Diagnosis ( Charlotte is interested in the individual, family and practitioner experience of dementia diagnosis and care.

George Savva

Dr George Savva’s work uses epidemiological approaches to inform better dementia care.  This includes better understanding of both the intended and unintended consequences of medication use in people with dementia in and older people more generally, and on the causes and consequences of missed diagnosis of dementia.  (See also the ABCD Study)

Hannah Zeilig

Dr Hannah Zeilig’s research explores the role and value of the participative arts for people living with dementia and their carers. She is also curious about the unique perspectives that the arts give to this complex syndrome.